CP Series Clever Preset Features

Both CP8 and CP12 powered loudspeakers feature two inputs. Input A is devoted to line level while input B is for Mic and Line levels. There is also a function called MIC BOOST, and when this button is engaged (and a microphone is connected) it affects input B turning it into a microphone (MIC) level input (+25 dB).

Additionally CP Series loudspeakers also offer six different voicing contours to use with specific applications, which affect both inputs A and B, but there are exceptions – check this out!

When the Dance or Dance Ext Sub Presets are selected (now affecting input A) and the MIC BOOST is on, the input B now turns secretly into the Speech Preset! That is clever. It allows you to have a quality sound reproduction of voices with the right voicing contour.

And there is more: when the Speech Preset is selected input A remains on the Default voicing accepting any live level sources, while input B uses the Speech Preset as intended, giving you clarity and stability when a hand-held dynamic microphone or headset microphone are used.

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