How to mitigate Sound Propagation through Materials in Live Sound Settings

You may remember from your science classes in school that the speed of sound is a constant, but this statement is entirely dependent on the material through which sound is propagating. Different medium transmit sound at very different speeds. So, let’s look at some typical materials that most people would encounter in indoor live sound … Weiterlesen

Setting Subwoofer Level correctly in your PA System

Subwoofers are great solutions to extend the low frequency performance of your PA system, and there are three aspects to consider carefully when setting up a subwoofer. In the following order. Subwoofer Placement If subwoofers are used in many portable and installed PA applications to enhance the overall listening and performance experience, their placement in … Weiterlesen

What Causes Loudspeaker Hum and Hiss and How to eliminate it

If you are familiar attending any type of live show, concert or performance using PA loudspeakers, you will most likely also agree that loudspeakers’ humming, hissing or buzzing noise can quickly ruin a performance. This article reviews each of the common causes of audible (and irritating) loudspeakers’ hum and hiss, and discusses effective strategies to … Weiterlesen

Understanding Closed, Vented and Band-pass Subwoofer Designs

The history of the subwoofer is inextricably linked with the evolution of the full-range loudspeaker. In the mid-1950s, various manufacturers of hi-fi loudspeakers began to introduce compact, closed-box enclosures that featured long-throw woofers, and in the early 1970s a talented engineer working at Jensen, named James Novak, developed the equations describing a bass reflex (or … Weiterlesen

What is Auto Mixing on a Digital Mixer?

An auto mixer, or automatic microphone mixer, is a live sound-mixing tool that automatically reduces the volume level of a microphone’s audio signal when it is not used. This is particularly valuable when several microphones are open at the same time, reducing extraneous noise. In this article, we will describe how the Auto Mixer function … Weiterlesen

Praktische Tipps für die Positionierung von Bühnenlautsprechern (Teil I)

QSC Lautsprecher sind bekannt für ihre herausragende Leistung und präzise Klangwiedergabe in zahlreichen Anwendungsbereichen. Anders als in einer kontrollierten Studioumgebung, gilt es im Live-Bereich zahlreiche Herausforderungen zu meistern, um mit einem Lautsprecher von QSC oder einem beliebigen anderen Hersteller eine gute Klangqualität zu erzielen. Da der Sound durch den Grundriss des Raums, die Deckenhöhe, die Absorptions- oder Reflexionseigenschaften der Wände und viele andere Faktoren beeinflusst wird, ist die optimale Auslegung des Audiosystems eine komplexe Aufgabe... Weiterlesen