Buzz Holland Sounding His Best With K8.2

buzz-holland-400“I’ve played this guitar most every day for the last 36 years, and played a lot of gigs in a lot of places. I’ve tried about every preamp, pedal, gizmo, gadget and acoustic amp that came out for acoustic guitars, in search of the best sound. I am happy to say that this old guitar never sounded as good as it does today, through the QSC K8.2 powered loudspeaker. I compared other reputable powered speakers, but there was no comparison in terms of tonal quality, design or construction.

Whether it’s a dedicated acoustic instrument amp or a mini-PA for micro gigs, you’re covered. The user-friendly digital signal processing allows you to use one or both inputs and to choose between different presets such as guitar/vocal.

It’s easier to feel confident and play with authority when you love the sound you’re making. When you sound your best, you play your best; and when you play your best, you feel your best. I encourage you to check the QSC K8.2’s out; they made a HUGE difference for me.” – Buzz Holland

More info:

Buzz Holland Website

K8.2 Powered Loudspeakers



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