TouchMix Sessions, “Dreaming” Andy Vargas and Souleros

Live performance of original song, Dreaming, by Andy Vargas and Souleros recorded on the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer.     Recording notes: Written by: Andy Vargas & Michael Carey Performed by: Andy Vargas & Souleros – Andy Vargas: Lead Vocals, Joe Mendez: Drums, Clever Alvarado: Bass, Israel Santiago: Keyboards, Rick Marcel: Guitar, Branlie Mejías: Percussion. … Lire la suite

TouchMix Sessions, “Roja” by The ill Movement

The ill Movement live performance of ill Nicky’s original song, “Roja.” with Soul singer, Aquile. Produced by Blowhole Sound and recorded on the TouchMix-16 compact digital mixer.   Recording Notes: ill Nicky vocal – SM58 microphone Aquile vocal – Telefunken M80 microphone Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar TouchMix-16 recorded 3 separate tracks as wav files direct to hard … Lire la suite

TouchMix-30 Pro for AV Production with Nick Cimino of DJE Sound and Lighting

Nick Cimino, owner of AV production company, DJE Sound and Lighting, discusses why the QSC TouchMix Series digital mixers have been one of the most versatile and smartest investments his company has ever made.     For more information visit: DJE Production Services website TouchMix Series Compact Professional Digital Mixers      

HI* Sessions using QSC for video production

HI*Sessions was started by a group of friends from Hawaii with the desire to create intimate high quality live performance videos of local Hawaiian musicians. The HI*Sessions YouTube channel now has over 60 million views and over 180 thousand subscribers from all over the world. HI*Sessions uses the QSC TouchMix digital mixer for recording and … Lire la suite

Lawrence Band – Superficial – TouchMix Sessions

The band Lawrence uses the TouchMix-30 Pro as their touring monitor mixer and also for private events where they run their own sound.   They also use their TouchMix to record live performances to create original content for their fans. Here’s a live performance video of their song “Superficial” recorded and mixed on the TouchMix-30 Pro.  One take, no … Lire la suite

TouchMix Tips – In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

TouchMix Tips & Tricks – In Ear Monitors TouchMix mixers all have the capability to drive wired, stereo In Ear Monitors (IEM) directly. For performers such as keyboardists and drummers who stay at one place on stage, this is a simple and inexpensive way to use “ears”. Each TouchMix model handles the IEM drive a … Lire la suite

TouchMix Sessions – No Pals

Live performance video with No Pals of their original song “Tontuelo.” Recorded and mixed on the TouchMix-16.     TouchMix Sessions rig rundown video with a behind the scenes look at the TouchMix recording system used for the video.     Learn more about No Pals Music Learn more about TouchMix-16 compact digital mixer  

Jam in the Van – How They Use TouchMix-30 Pro

A typical recording day with Jam in the Van consists of ten bands recording three songs each, at a music festival, state park or just about anywhere in the USA. Jam in the Van is a solar-powered recording studio on wheels producing over 200 new music sessions each year with the TouchMix-30 Pro. During a recording day, the … Lire la suite

TouchMix Sessions – Sugarlover

The following is a live performance of original song, “You Got Me Feeling Like,” by Sugarlover Band at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, CA.  The audio for the video was multi-track recorded and mixed on the TouchMix-16 by Blowhole Sound Productions.     Visit Sugarlover Band on Facebook. Learn more about TouchMix Series Digital Mixers … Lire la suite