How to Hear Yourself and Improve Your Performance

Proper Use of Audio Mixers and Floor Monitors The main objective when dialing in stage monitors is to provide the best possible reference for each musician to help them to achieve their best performance.  Adjusting them correctly for each artist is critical to the performance of the band as a whole.  Whether you’re using floor … Lire la suite

How to Optimize Your Worship Service Mix for Broadcast and Live Streaming

In this pandemic-induced era, numerous venues and churches have been compelled to embrace the realm of livestreaming. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of livestreaming or seeking ways to enhance the audio quality of your broadcasts, this article will prove invaluable. The main production goal of a streaming broadcast mix is to recreate the … Lire la suite

How to Create A Clear and Present Mix Using Your EQ Tools (Part 1)

What is the difference between a mix that sounds muddy and undefined and another that sounds crystal clear with definition and intelligibility?  The difference is in the EQ. While often misunderstood, equalizers are the bread and butter of good sound reinforcement. Knowing the basics of EQing is one of the most critical aspects of running … Lire la suite

Developing Your Contemporary Worship Team Vocals

Once upon a time, churches had no sound systems. The congregation sang their lyrics and sight read their vocal parts from hymnals. Fast forward to today; most churches are using current technology including sound systems, lighting, presentation software, cameras for live streaming and more.  Unlike church from ages past, we must consider how to integrate … Lire la suite

Understanding Closed, Vented and Band-pass Subwoofer Designs

The history of the subwoofer is inextricably linked with the evolution of the full-range loudspeaker. In the mid-1950s, various manufacturers of hi-fi loudspeakers began to introduce compact, closed-box enclosures that featured long-throw woofers, and in the early 1970s a talented engineer working at Jensen, named James Novak, developed the equations describing a bass reflex (or … Lire la suite

Conseils pratiques sur le placement des enceintes pour le son live (partie I)

Les enceintes QSC sont réputées pour assurer une restitution précise et très performante des sources audio, dans des applications très variées. Cependant, contrairement à l'environnement contrôlé d'un studio, le monde réel présente de nombreuses difficultés pour obtenir des résultats satisfaisants sur le plan sonore avec une enceinte QSC ou toute autre enceinte. Les conditions créées par la forme des pièces, la hauteur des plafonds, la présence de murs réfléchissants ou absorbants sur le plan acoustique et bien d'autres facteurs se combinent pour compliquer le déploiement d'un système de sonorisation... Lire la suite