Lawrence Band – Superficial – TouchMix Sessions

The band Lawrence uses the TouchMix-30 Pro as their touring monitor mixer and also for private events where they run their own sound.   They also use their TouchMix to record live performances to create original content for their fans.

Here’s a live performance video of their song “Superficial” recorded and mixed on the TouchMix-30 Pro.  One take, no overdubs…



Mixing the audio for the video:

The final mix for the video was created by playing the recorded tracks from the USB hard drive through the TouchMix-30 Pro, by pressing “Track” on each of the recorded channels on the Record/Playback page.  EQ, compression, Gate, Reverb, delay and other mixing elements were used to create the mix. The main stereo L/R mix was then recorded by “Arming” the main L/R channel.  This final mix was then imported into the video editing software and synchronized with the video.

The final mix was created by QSC’s TouchMix product manager Jon Graves. Special thanks to Scott at Blowhole Sound for video shooting, editing and helping with the mix.

For more info:

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