TouchMix-30 Pro Live Performance Video – Brown Bottle Flu

The TouchMix-30 Pro was created to be a great live sound mixer that could also capture a performance to multi-track. So what would happen if we brought some fine musicians into an iconic LA studio and did a live recording using nothing but the TouchMix-30 Pro for recording and mixing?

The studio had racks filled with great, vintage processors and best of the best gear. Not to mention an historic analog console. We were tempted, but we didn’t use any of it. Instead, we patched the microphones directly to the TouchMix-30 Pro and used the console as a speaker switcher for control room monitors. Our goal was to show what the TouchMix-30 Pro could do recording a live performance. We resisted the temptation to dig into the studio’s amazing microphone selection and opted for every day (or every night) microphones. And we used K Series speakers as floor monitors for the musicians. All the audio you will hear on these tracks was recorded live, in a single pass, directly to a USB drive through the TouchMix-30 Pro. The mix you will hear was done entirely on the TouchMix-30 Pro by Product Manager Jon Graves.

About the Session

solomixer-400As mentioned, the tracks were recorded directly to a USB hard drive connected to the TouchMix-30 Pro.  The band was so good, that the song was recorded only three times, with no need for overdubs.  After recording, we picked the best take and played the multi-track session files on the hard drive through the same input channels on the TouchMix-30 (Record/Playback screen, channels set to “Track” mode).

Jon began his mix by selecting channel presets for each input (i.e. Drums- Ch 1 Kick, Ch 2 Snare, etc.) He then added effects such as reverbs and delays to desired channels using the FX Wizard.  This gave Jon an great starting point to begin his final tweaking and adjusting to taste to create the mixes.  Once Jon was happy with his mix, he recorded the 2-track master bus channels, to a single stereo wav file, and sent the file over to the video editor, who imported it into his video software and sync’d the audio to the video.

Yes, the audio on the video below was recorded and mixed using the TouchMix-30 Pro, typical live sound mics, floor wedges as monitors, oh and some great musicians.  Jon’s a pretty good recording and mix engineer as well, so that helps.  In subsequent blog articles we will break down aspects of these videos below and share specific details such as an analysis on the vocal channels, or the drum channels. Feel free to post comments on what you would like to see in subsequent articles.


Brown Bottle Flu – Ed Roth and Friends

We invited our friend Ed Roth to be the musical director and composer for this tune. His goal was to create a classic, horn band blues song that had power, soul and real instruments. Ed came through.


• Ed Roth: Piano, Musical Director, Composer
• Tony Grant: Lead Vocals, Composer
• Linda Taylor: Lead Guitar
• John Ziegler: Rhythm Guitar
• Daniel Pearson: Bass Guitar
• Jimmy Paxson: Drums
• Rock Deadrick: Percussion
• Lenka Shockley: Backing Vocals
• Chevel Blount: Backing Vocals
• Jamie Hovorka: Trumpet
• Chris Mostert: Sax
• Andrew Lippman: Trombone
• Gerry Tschetter: Organ
• Jon Graves: Engineer, Producer

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Photos from the sessions:




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